In GWPS children of KS1 & KS2 are able to borrow 2 books from the library on a weekly basis. And a third one in case of an Arabic book. All FS children should bring home one book after every library lesson.

Please take the opportunity to spend some time reading the books with your child, as this can be a rewarding experience for all.  If you need some advice on how to share books with your child please ask a member of the teaching staff.

Whilst looking at books together, we ask that you encourage your child to look after and handle the books carefully, something that we are also teaching at school.  For example, it is important that children learn how to turn pages carefully to prevent tearing them and it is always a good idea to have a ‘special place’ for keeping library books at home  - out of the reach of younger children who may accidentally scribble on them .

May I also take this opportunity to remind you that, as part of the compulsory school uniform, your child should have a school bag (available form Zaks) to keep their books in on the way to and from school, in that way books will be kept safe and away from their water bottles.


Thanking you in advance for your co-operation in this matter.


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