Maya Gregory
5/11/2013 14:39:30

Private(dumb)Detective 'Tim Diamond' and his 14 year old brother Nick get an invite to meet up with a childhood friend. What they don't know is 'Who wrote the letter?' Why Rory McDoodle, the guy who signed the letters. But when Nick identifies the letter, it looks as if it's been written in blood, Rory's blood. Turns out he's a goner, DEAD!!!What despicable character would do such a thing? Well find out in the Anthony Horowitz book, 'I Know What You Did Last Wednesday' as it carries out full suspense. Can you guess the criminal is before the 'Diamond' brothers do?

Sahar Siam
5/17/2013 17:45:31

Dear Maya...... Thanks for sharing the ideas of Anthony Horowitz book. I'm sure if anyone reads your review will definitely have the enthusiasm of reading it.


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