For the past two weeks I've been explaining to all FS2 children how library books are shelved as author wise or series wise and how books are labeled. Children were so excited and they were waiting for this week's classes because i promised them they'll be choosing and shelving back the books if they get it right.   This week was their first experience in choosing their books independently from the shelves and   shelving them  back. They were able to spot the misplaced ones.    They were amazing.  They did it better than any other class.
After reading the "Sorry" story together. Children were asked to draw the part of the story that they liked best. And what amazing drawings i've got. Few draw the part when they apologized to each other. Others liked the part when they snatched the shiny piece!!!!!!!!!!
It is really amazing listening to our childrens thoughts and ideas.

This week we will be reading a story that shows the value of friendship.
Norbert Landa
Bear and Rabbit are the very best of friends. They live in their Bear-Rabbit house and cook their Bear-Rabbit meals in their Bear-Rabbit kitchen. But one day they spy a wonderful shiny thing and they can't agree who it belongs to. Could this be the end of a very special friendship?

A lively heart - warming story, packed full of humour and fun.

This week we will be back with one more story of Julia Donaldson's. "
Princess and the Wizard".
'The princess may try seven times to escape, by changing her colour and changing her shape.' But, each time Princess Eliza changes - into a blue fish, a yellow chick, a red fox or a black cat - the wicked wizard finds her and sets her another horrible task. Will this plucky princess be ableto outwit him?

This week we will be doing an activity with all FS1 children, we will take videos of FS1 children narrating / reciting "Little Rabbit Foo Foo".  They will be narrating /reciting it along with the movie played for them on the interactive board
This week FS1 children will be listening to a story titled " Mine's bigger Than Yours".
A wonderful story for showing children that small people can be brave and achieve great things.
It presents a light-hearted take on bullying, which young children will love.

Little Hairy Monster is sitting on a rock licking a lollipop, when along comes Scary Monster. 'I'm bigger than you!' says Scary Monster. 'Give me your lollipop!' But Little Hairy Monster won't, no matter how much he tries to bully her, and Scary Monster is in for a big surprise...

This week FS2 children will listen to a very warm story titled "Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep".  A very nice story that encourages children to sleep early.

Willa was tired, so she went to bed, but she couldn't sleep. So Willa appeals to her older brother to help her. He suggests that Willa thinks of all the wonderful things which will be waiting for her in the morning.

This week we will be reading the story of "The Terrible Greedy Fossifoo". A stomping story about caring for the environment and each other.
When the terrible greedy Fossifoo clatters into the Great Green Forest, it spells TROUBLE! He tears up ALL the trees, eats ALL the fruit and berries, and frightens away ALL the forest creatures. All alone in the empty forest, the Fosifoo soon feels sorry for all his bashing and crashing. But will he be able to change his ways and make the forest beautiful again before it's too late? A stomping story about caring for the environment and each other.

During library time FS2 children are taught how to treat books and how to behave respectfully in the library. They are encouraged to take time in choosing their book and consider their choices. They get to listen to a story.
They can now differntiate between an author and an illustrator.
 We've been working on Julia Donaldson's books and we have read most of her picture books. The slideshow shows all the books that had been read by now during their library slots.